A Health Expense Card for Expatriates

For French residents, the advance waiver of health care costs through the "third-party payment"

Original text here from Patrice Bernard (LinkedIn)

For French residents, the advance waiver of health care costs through the "third-party payment" system marks significant progress, enabling them to access care they would otherwise forego due to insufficient funds. With the "Easy Claim Card," created in partnership with Manager.one, April now extends this convenience to expatriates.

Whether for the ease of handling minor consultations or the dire need in facing substantial bills, like those from an American hospital, consumers seek a solution that spares them from upfront medical payments and the uncertain wait for reimbursement. April International has arranged partial coverage agreements with practitioners and facilities worldwide.

In contrast, the insurer's new payment card offers a universal solution for globe-trotters. It works globally wherever card payments are accepted and covers a wide range of health services – from general practitioners to specialists, dentists, opticians, physiotherapists, laboratories, pharmacies, and hospitals, without the need to find affiliated providers.

The process is straightforward: the patient contacts April International before receiving routine care to explain their situation. The representative then instantly credits the card – only for use with healthcare professionals – with the necessary amount. Submitting proof completes the transaction. The procedure for high-cost, including emergency interventions, is similar: just submit the quote to receive the funds.

This approach does raise some concerns about the team's capacity to handle requests swiftly, crucial for maintaining expected service quality. However, it's hoped that the 7-month pilot phase with a sample of clients has helped fine-tune the system before its widespread launch on October 23.

While insurance subscription experience, constantly spotlighted by pervasive digitalization, gets ample attention, claim processing is often overlooked, mired in intolerable complications and delays. Yet, with recent innovations in payment methods, there are ample opportunities to enhance user experience, bolstering their trust and loyalty.

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