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Another virtual cash register with the Main Office of Measures (GUM) approval. Xpay has prepared what's called a general-purpose cash register.

Xpay is also awaiting approval for cash registers for carriers and vending machines.

The agency-oriented TubaPay is now InslyPay. The application has already undergone rebranding

Insly acquired a business from Bacci at the end of last year that includes card payments for agents.

There's a green light for the European wallet. The regulations are set to facilitate the use of digital services in the EU.

The European Parliament has given the green light to the project of creating a European digital identity wallet...

Customers of Comperia Insurance will be able to add their policies to mobile wallets

Initially, this convenience will be introduced for policies issued by agents in the Comperia Agent system.

In the UFG database, there are already over 28.5 million vehicle liability insurance policies. Ergo Hestia, TUW, and Euro Insurances report the most reliably.

The quality of data provided to the UFG (Insurance Guarantee Fund) is crucial because it impacts the calculation of premiums ...

The e-Receipt service in the PKO BP system is coming to an end. The financial sector is working on a new solution

Through the e-Receipt service, it was possible to store digital versions of receipts for purchases made at Orlen stations within PKO BP's...

The Polish HDI Embedded will provide protection for the clients of the Italian telecom. The project is backed by Europa Insurance

HDI Embedded will offer Italian clients insurance for home appliances and electronics.

Simplea is entering the Polish market. The Czech life insurer is supported in our market by insurtech Unext.

Another insurer is showing interest in the Polish market. Czech-based Simplea notified the Polish Financial Supervision Authority

Trasti has trained bots for sales and insurance services. Customers will be able to purchase insurance policies through chat

In the coming weeks, Trasti plans to launch a conversational bot that will allow customers to purchase insurtech...

YU! is introducing an offer for owners of low-mileage cars, enticing them with significant discounts

Insurtech YU! has launched a new automotive insurance offering called YU!Kilometry

Cachet Fights for Drivers and Couriers. It Has Established Two New Partnerships Providing Access to Gig Workers

Discussing Ravapi and Flow Apps. They are the Billing Partners for Platforms Like Glovo, Uber, Bolt, and Freenow

"Lifestyle" Insurance in Balcia's Offering. The Insurer to Sell Online Policies for Cyclists, Among Others

The insurer's offerings now include the City Combo package, which covers personal accident insurance (NNW), third-party liability (OC)...

The insurance-focused TubaPay is transitioning to InslyPay. Insurtech has finalized the transaction and announces a rebranding initiative

Insly, a technology provider for the insurance industry known as insurtech, intends to integrate a payment solution into its CRM system...