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[Report] Tech startups tackling climate-related risks

Why you need to consider that tech trend?

InsurTech weekly - Will these trends be strong enough to push forward innovation in car insurance?

Could innovation eventually happen in car insurance? - What does BaaS in the UK say about the state & future of FinTech?

Management of Obsolescence by NAB

On International Women's Day, the Australian bank NAB highlighted the career of the CEO of its digital subsidiary

Are banks losing the BNPL battle?

Less than two years after a launch full of promises, NatWest has announced the discontinuation of its Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)

InsurTech weekly - Is 'no insurance' poised to become the future of insurance?

Climate change threatens home insurance - How AI is transforming banking - A new use-case for self-driving cars

Mastercard Simplifies Account Openings

Gradually, project by project, Mastercard's foray into the world of open banking, which began in 2020 with the acquisition of Finicity,

Active Small-Step Budget Management by Ubank

While economic pressures continue to strain the budgets of Australian households, Ubank is rolling out a series of small, useful

InsurTech weekly - Is there a viable route for innovation within the insurance sector?

What to learn from insurance innovation in emerging markets? - The legacy IT challenge for banks - The state of Artificial Intelligence's...

IT at the Heart of Banking Supervision

The European Central Bank (ECB) regularly expresses concern over IT risks in the institutions it oversees.

Intelligence in the Fight Against Fraud

As banks around the world, clearly overwhelmed by the rise of fraud, introduce increasingly intrusive and indiscriminate frictions...

InsurTech Europe T1 2024 [French] une dynamique maintenue qui ouvre de nouvelles opportunités

Alors que le premier trimestre touche à sa fin, réfléchissons au paysage des investissements au sein de l'écosystème européen de l'InsurTech

InsurTech Europa Q1 2024 [German] eine aufrechterhaltene Dynamik, die neue Möglichkeiten eröffnet

Da das erste Quartal zu Ende geht, wollen wir das Investitionsumfeld im europäischen InsurTech-Ökosystem reflektieren.

InsurTech Europa Q1 2024 [Italian] una dinamica mantenuta che apre nuove opportunità.

Mentre il primo trimestre giunge al termine, riflettiamo sul panorama degli investimenti all'interno dell'ecosistema europeo di InsurTech.

InsurTech Europa Q1 2024 [Spanish] una dinámica mantenida que abre nuevas oportunidades

A medida que el primer trimestre llega a su fin, reflexionemos sobre el panorama de inversión dentro del ecosistema europeo de InsurTech.

InsurTech Europe Q1 2024 [English] a maintained dynamic which opens new opportunities

As the first quarter draws to a close, let's reflect on the investment landscape within the European InsurTech ecosystem.

InsurTech weekly - Opening a new chapter in insurance innovation ?

What technologies will transform insurance? - Apple is opening its... banking data ! - Five trends structuring SaaS PE investments

InsurTech Europe: March 2024

Let's delve into the details of the investment dynamics at play in the European InsurTech scene, as we do every month...

And the Financial Well-being of SMEs?

At the convergence of two major trends—enterprise finance management ("BFM") and the development of new services for SMEs

Apple Opens Up Its Banking Data

Apple is firmly making its mark in the finance world, introducing a new feature in the latest iPhone operating system update that caters...

InsurTech - What a milestone !

Open Insurance: opportunities behind the buzzword - Consumer FinTech that scaled - Apple on track to buy (instead of make) Generative AI ?

Craggle Renegotiates Mortgage Loans

Yesterday, when I envisioned the expansion of Cambio's automated negotiation solution into the mortgage sector...

BlackRock Increases Transparency of Its ETFs

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) have become one of the favorite investment vehicles for savers today, thanks to their simplicity...

[Report]: B2C InsurtTech in Europe

Why you need to consider that tech trend? -What you will get in that study?

InsurTech weekly - Tech is just a means but could help address the future of risk & compliance

Generative AI in risk & compliance - The ClimateTech opportunity in FinTech - Reminder: tech is just a means, even Generative AI

Promoting Financial Well-being Through a Dating App

Financial well-being is a crucial yet often overlooked and neglected aspect of individuals' lives. To bring this issue to the forefront...

Weather2C validates weather-related claims

Qorus's award for innovation to its implementation by Société Générale Assurances provides us with an opportunity to delve ...

InsurTech weekly - How AI can harness the potential of unstructured data in insurance

A roadmap to embrace AI in insurance‍ - Challenges still to tackle in FinTech BaaS - Self-driving cars are still moving forward‍

Customers of Comperia Insurance will be able to add their policies to mobile wallets

Initially, this convenience will be introduced for policies issued by agents in the Comperia Agent system.

There's a green light for the European wallet. The regulations are set to facilitate the use of digital services in the EU.

The European Parliament has given the green light to the project of creating a European digital identity wallet...

The agency-oriented TubaPay is now InslyPay. The application has already undergone rebranding

Insly acquired a business from Bacci at the end of last year that includes card payments for agents.

Grifin, for Investing in Your Favorite Brands

For the millions of Americans who, due to a lack of proper education, hesitate to invest (a portion of) their savings in the financial...

CaixaBank Delivers Cash to Your Door

Contrary to Northern European countries, Spain maintains a high density of bank branches...

Microsoft's Anti-Fraud Phone Spy

Combating fraud is one of the most popular applications of artificial intelligence. With many scams starting with a phone call...

AmEx Yields to BNPL Pressure

Likely driven by the immense popularity of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) schemes, a minor revolution is unfolding in the credit card realm...

InsurTech weekly - Direct or Embedded, the dynamic behind revamping insurance distribution

Best practices for corporates to deliver Embedd Insurance - Are smart rings the future of DigitalHealth -The M&A outlook

InsurTech Europe: February 2024

February has been quite active. Six deals have been announced in recent weeks. While not staggering...

The e-Receipt service in the PKO BP system is coming to an end. The financial sector is working on a new solution

Through the e-Receipt service, it was possible to store digital versions of receipts for purchases made at Orlen stations within PKO BP's...

In the UFG database, there are already over 28.5 million vehicle liability insurance policies. Ergo Hestia, TUW, and Euro Insurances report the most reliably.

The quality of data provided to the UFG (Insurance Guarantee Fund) is crucial because it impacts the calculation of premiums ...

Bank of America Breaks Down Its Silos

Large organizations are typically structured in silos, and within financial institutions, those housing corporate clients and individual...

A Bank-Telecom Partnership That Makes Sense

While attempts by banks to venture into the telecommunications realm "above ground" have gradually vanished in France...

InsurTech weekly - The secret sauce for Cyber InsurTech

Best practices from the US Cyber InsurTech space - The token opportunity in FinTech - The state of Quantum Computing in Finland‍

The Polish HDI Embedded will provide protection for the clients of the Italian telecom. The project is backed by Europa Insurance

HDI Embedded will offer Italian clients insurance for home appliances and electronics.

Boleron successfully raised 3.1 million leva from the Bulgarian Stock Exchange at a company valuation of 16.4 million leva

The first successful IPO on the BEAM market for 2024 has been realized by the company Boleron...

InsurTech weekly - How much untapped value lies within your data?

Major risks insurers should get ready to face - Four area of change in the banking space - How to get the most of data?

Cambio's AI negotiates debts

A year ago, Gartner discussed the emergence of the robot client, referring to an agent capable of managing consumer disputes...

Klarna rides the wave of New Year's resolutions.

Firmly established in its somewhat ambiguous position at the crossroads between its historical activity of split payments...

InsurTech weekly - The climate game-changer in insurance

Opportunities at the crossroads of InsurTech & ClimateTech - Is there still room for B2C FinTech - The state of Quantum Computing

Parametric Cyber Insurance at Descartes

After pioneering parametric insurance in the realm of climate risks, for which it is particularly well-suited, Descartes is now expanding...

Citi at the Crossroads of Banking and Commerce

While banks worldwide are exploring opportunities to venture into peripheral businesses, particularly through the creation of marketplaces

Vouch insures AI risks

The promises of artificial intelligence have sparked a massive wave of creativity among entrepreneurs worldwide

Revolut connects to wallets worldwide

As it has now become a mainstream neo-bank, Revolut is revisiting its original promise of making life easier for borderless citizens

InsurTech weekly 441 - Will GAFAM ever succeed in insurance?

The benefits of Embedded Insurance - Challenges Banking-as-a-Service still needs to tackle - What could we expect next in self-driving car

YU! is introducing an offer for owners of low-mileage cars, enticing them with significant discounts

Insurtech YU! has launched a new automotive insurance offering called YU!Kilometry

Trasti has trained bots for sales and insurance services. Customers will be able to purchase insurance policies through chat

In the coming weeks, Trasti plans to launch a conversational bot that will allow customers to purchase insurtech...

Simplea is entering the Polish market. The Czech life insurer is supported in our market by insurtech Unext.

Another insurer is showing interest in the Polish market. Czech-based Simplea notified the Polish Financial Supervision Authority

InsurTech Europe: January 2024

Overall €71m were invested through 4 deals.

Santander: A Successful Heart Transplant?

The modernization of core banking systems is a contentious topic in the banking sector (as well as in insurance)

Three French Banks Collaborate on Their ATMs

Following a slowly spreading trend in Europe, in response to societal shifts regarding cash usage and banking services

A loan secured by intellectual property

It's clear that businesses in the 21st century are very different from those in past times, but unfortunately, banks

InsurTech weekly - The benefits of innovation, measured

Major trends structuring the future of insurance innovation - How Financial Services already benefit from AI - How innovative companies...

Revolutionizing Car Maintenance in Chile: The Carvuk Story

Introduction: A New Era of Car Servicing

Jooycar: Pioneering Insurtech Innovation in Latin America

Introduction: Revolutionizing Auto Insurance with Smart Technology

Wiipo: Revolutionizing Financial Services with Senior Sistemas' Cutting-Edge Fintech Platform

Wiipo is a digital platform launched by Senior Sistemas, a company with over 30 years of experience in driving business through innovative

Instant Smartphone Warranty

As part of its mobile phone insurance offering distributed through its partnership with Orange, BNP Paribas Cardif ...

50 Years of Banking Innovation

No observer would boldly claim that the banking sector is extraordinarily innovative, but many would agree that it is dynamic...

HSBC vs. Wise: The Second Round

HSBC's first attempt to rival Wise in the international money transfer market just over three years ago was less than impressive...

Cash Usage on the Rise, Budget Management in Decline

While there has long been a downward trend, it seems that even when setting aside the specific effects of the health crisis...

InsurTech weekly - New year, new risks ?

New risks insurers should consider tackling - The state of FinTech - AI’s future, though LeCun’s lens

Riskcovry: Pioneering 'Insurance-in-a-Box' for Seamless Distribution in India

Riskcovry is at the forefront of this change in India, asking critical questions and providing innovative solutions...

Revolutionizing the Insurance Industry: How Korr's Modern Platform Transforms Business

The insurance industry, known for its stability and resilience, has undergone significant transformations over the last two decades...

Focus on Employees' Financial Well-Being

Slowly but surely, the correlation between financial well-being and workplace engagement is being recognized...

Web3 According to Visa

With the fading of short-term grand hopes for the metaverse, the promises of web3 have also receded, waiting for better days...

InsurTech weekly - My predictions for this year, AI-free !

Generative AI in insurance finance functions - How tech might revamp Financial Services - The state & future of AI

[Report] InsurTech Europe: 2023 Full Year In Review

After a very specific year last year, a lot has been said about the state of VC investments and the startup industry. We took a specific ...

A Hidden Credit Marketplace

When Tesla introduces a new financing option in its electric vehicle purchase process, one can always expect some level of innovation...

Autonomous Driving, Safety, and Insurance

After a period of initial excitement, doubts have recently surfaced in the world of autonomous driving.

The Sensitive Topic of Money Relations

At first glance, Monzo's "Wrapped" campaign, which playfully offers customers a brief summary of their 2023 spending

Uber's Integrated Experience

Since its inception, Uber has built its success on user experience transparency, especially through its seamless integration of payment...

[Report] InsurTech Europe: 2019 Full Year In Review

Through this report, you’ll learn more about how much was invested, how many deals were done, who raised the biggest amount

[Report] InsurTech Europe: 2020 Full Year In Review

In 2020, €600m+ was invested in European InsurTech startups, which is a 25% YoY drop from €800€+.

[Report] InsurTech Europe: 2021 Full Year In Review

What a year in the insurtech scene! Mega rounds pilled, big tech launched insurance initiatives, and the ‘unicorn’ club ...

InsurTech Europe: December 2023

Let's discuss the two deals announced in December: Fasst in France, which raised €5.3 million...

InsurTech weekly - New year, new tech-based opportunities in insurance

The state & future of InsurTech through US eyes - The future of FinTech in 9 trends - Is the future of AI unbundled?

The Green Insurer (that's its name!)

Despite several interesting individual initiatives, I haven't yet encountered an example of environmental responsibility...

End of the Road for Ma French Bank

While the official announcement cautiously mentions "the study of a project to cease operations," it's fairly obvious that ...

J.P. Morgan Shuts Down Its Robo-Advisor

Despite their efforts, traditional banks remain unable to replicate the success formulas of FinTech.

Anansi: Parametric Insurance for Parcels

The concept of parametric insurance has long been applied to weather events ...

InsurTech weekly - Turning digital leads into high value insurance sales

The omni-channel opportunity in insurance - An IP perspective on Generative AI - An insurance perspective on ClimateTech

InsurTech weekly - An AI wishlist for Christmas

Are connected cars an opportunity or a threat for telematics insurance? Generative AI benefits for financial institutions

A taste of PSD3?

As the presentation of the future European regulation on financial data access (accompanying DSP3) confirms its expansion...

Metro Bank's dream is fading away

Born in 2010, amidst the "digital" revolution, Metro Bank had the seemingly anachronistic ambition of reinventing the in-branch banking...

InsurTech weekly - It's that time of the year again: what have you achieved?

Insurance broker’s views on ‘new risks’ - Where NeoBanks stand on the road to profitability?...

Starling: The Birth of a Neo-Bank

Having stepped down from her role as CEO at the end of last month, Anne Boden reflects in an interview with McKinsey

How to integrate generative AI into a business?

For many businesses, especially in the highly cautious financial sector, the arrival of ChatGPT ...

Celcoin - Driving the Revolution in Brazilian FinTech Sector

In Brazil, one name that stands synonymous with financial technology innovation is Celcoin....

Insurtech Inslet is creating a portfolio for insurance policies and aims to facilitate remote signing of contracts.

Another project has emerged in the insurtech market, aimed at enhancing customer convenience in managing their insurance...

Accelerated Digitalization: The Other Side of the Story

Globally, the digitization of services is causing concern among a significant portion of the population...

IBM's AI assists in modernizing dinosaurs

IBM has been a favored provider to financial institutions for over half a century, but today finds itself ...