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Another virtual cash register with the Main Office of Measures (GUM) approval. Xpay has prepared what's called a general-purpose cash register.

Xpay is also awaiting approval for cash registers for carriers and vending machines.

Original text here from IDA KRZEMINKA-ALBRYCHT

Xpay is also awaiting approval for cash registers for carriers and vending machines.

The Main Office of Measures has authorized a new virtual cash register for use. The software, developed by Xpay, is a general-purpose cash register, meaning it can be used by entities from all sectors specified in the Ministry of Finance regulation.

The cash register can be installed on any Android device, including tablets, smartphones, or Android payment terminals. Xpay also provides sales software and collaborates with several terminal providers—currently Viva Wallet, Worldline, and ITCARD, with plans for further integrations. As a result, it can offer customers an all-in-one solution, combining a sales system, cash register, and terminal in one.

Xpay's software is tailored to the HoReCa industry's needs and includes features related to ordering and table service. In launching its product to the market, the company intends to leverage support from a partner, whose name and the brand under which Xpay plans to offer its cash register and system have not yet been revealed.

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Apart from this more comprehensive tool, the company plans to offer its cash register to smaller businesses for single-station use, such as food trucks or small stores. These types of users will be able to download the cash register from the app market independently, and Xpay will assist in its fiscalization. In an interview with, Krzysztof Jagielski, the company's CEO, announced that the virtual cash register app's arrival on Google Play is expected in April. He also revealed that the certification process for two additional cash registers developed by the Xpay team is ongoing. The company is seeking approval for specialized cash registers: for carriers and vending machines.

It's worth recalling that the first open general-purpose application cash register to receive approval was software prepared by Virtual Cash Registers. Previously, several virtual cash registers appeared on the market, but they were more specialized. Examples include iPOS pocket – a virtual cash register installed on a payment terminal created for Bolt, eKasa Novitius for Uber, or for car washes. On, you could also read about a general-purpose solution – Kasa123 Aplikasa, prepared by Taxity.

Regarding the list of entities authorized to record revenues using application cash registers, it is quite limited and largely consists of niche businesses. The largest group of taxpayers who can use such a solution includes representatives of the HoReCa industry, taxi drivers, and car washes. Last year, the Ministry of Finance decided to expand the catalog of authorized entities in a somewhat surprising direction – adding voluntary fire brigades and rural housewives' circles to it. More on this topic in the article: Not only the Volunteer Fire Department but also rural housewives' circles can now use virtual cash registers.

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