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Bambu GO, a Financial Advisory Robot

Gradually, every area of finance is evolving into service form, ready to be incorporated into offerings

Original text here from Patrice Bernard (LinkedIn)

Gradually, every area of finance is evolving into service form, ready to be incorporated into offerings from businesses across various sectors. This trend has now reached automated investment, thanks to a partnership between WealthKernel, a provider of specialized components, and Bambu, a designer of technological solutions.

The unique nature of this field leads to a rather innovative approach to the model. This complements the more traditional model already offered by WealthKernel with its comprehensive catalog of transactional components – including customer enrollment, account and portfolio management, payment, trading, and asset custody – all exposed via API and mainly aimed at businesses with suitable IT capabilities.

Bambu GO targets the finance sector, particularly wealth advisors looking to expand their reach to less elite clients, neo-banks seeking diversification, or brokerage platforms wanting to upgrade their offerings. Probably for regulatory reasons, as investment product distribution is strictly regulated, it's not intended for integration into e-commerce sites, for instance.

Bambu GO promises a complete "digital" solution for a fixed subscription of $500 per month. It includes an application for end-users (adhering to industry standards in terms of understanding client profiles and risk aversion) and a customizable administration space for advisors, in terms of interfaces and various investment models and goals.

The registration process is as straightforward, smooth, and quick for the organization adopting the platform as it is for the consumer choosing it to grow their savings. The first step is to verify the identity of the company and validate its approval with the FCA (initial deployment is limited to the UK, with plans to expand to other markets). After agreeing to the contractual terms, an online configurator allows setting up the system's many aspects, without needing any software coding.

Following payments, credit, insurance, and savings, the provision of robot-advisory services is the logical next step in the profound transformation of the financial industry. While we're not yet at the stage of an invisible investment option embedded in a user-centric experience, the demonstration of technological feasibility is clear, and I have no doubt that it will soon emerge.

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