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Cachet Fights for Drivers and Couriers. It Has Established Two New Partnerships Providing Access to Gig Workers

Discussing Ravapi and Flow Apps. They are the Billing Partners for Platforms Like Glovo, Uber, Bolt, and Freenow

The original article was written by Ida Krzemińska-Albrycht, reknown Polish insurtech journalist and published in

Speaking of Ravapi and Flow Apps. They are the Billing Partners for Platforms Like Glovo, Uber, Bolt, and Freenow

Insurtech company Cachet has established two new partnerships to offer insurance to gig workers, those providing transportation and courier services using digital platforms. The new partners are Ravapi and Flow Apps.

Ravapi collaborates with platforms like Uber, Bolt, Freenow, and Glovo, serving as a licensed billing and logistics partner. It offers various services to entrepreneurs who want to work as taxi drivers or couriers, including daily or weekly payouts, accounting support, legal assistance (including help with residency legalization), and the option to rent a car or bike for work.

Similarly, Flow Apps provides accounting and billing services to individuals working with platforms such as Glovo, Uber, Bolt, and Żabka Jush. It helps couriers and drivers work across multiple apps simultaneously to maximize their earnings and also offers car or bike rentals. Currently, Flow Apps also promotes a discount code on its website, offering a 150 PLN discount on Cachet’s taxi liability insurance (OC/AC).

For Cachet, a company specializing in insurance for gig workers, collaborating with such entities represents a natural progression. Cachet's product portfolio includes vehicle insurance tailored to the needs of drivers in the transportation sector, with rates calculated based on individual driving styles and schedules. In the spring, Cachet also launched bicycle insurance, including for bikes used for commercial purposes.

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