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Customers of Comperia Insurance will be able to add their policies to mobile wallets

Initially, this convenience will be introduced for policies issued by agents in the Comperia Agent system.

Original text here from IDA KRZEMINKA-ALBRYCHT

Initially, this convenience will be introduced for policies issued by agents in the Comperia Agent system.

Comperia Insurance will enable its clients to add insurance policies to their mobile wallets. The feature will be available to both iOS and Android smartphone users, with implementation scheduled for mid-March.

From the customer's perspective, this will work similarly to how tickets or loyalty cards are added to Apple and Google wallets. Along with the policy email, the client will receive a link that allows adding it to a wallet-type app. This will enable users to easily find the most important information about their insurance, including policy number and coverage, the validity period, and, particularly useful in case of a claim, the contact number for the insurance company and the agent.

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An additional planned feature of the solution is a push notification about the impending end of the insurance coverage.

Initially, customers who purchase insurance through agents using the Comperia Agent system will be able to add their policy to their digital wallet. Eventually, this option is also expected to be available on the insurance comparison site (also part of the Comperia group).

"We understand that what can distinguish us in the market are the technologies we originate from as a fintech and listening to the voice of the intermediaries working with us. We observe which technological solutions Poles like and quickly adapt to. Digital wallets are undoubtedly one of them. Soon, consumers using services from our agents, and later also the insurance comparison site, will have their policy on their phone," says Rafał Bojarczuk, Director of Agency Sales Development at Comperia Insurance, in a conversation with

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