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Insurtech Inslet is creating a portfolio for insurance policies and aims to facilitate remote signing of contracts.

Another project has emerged in the insurtech market, aimed at enhancing customer convenience in managing their insurance.

In the app, available for Android and iOS devices, customers will be able to store all their insurance policies.

The original article was written by Ida Krzemińska-Albrycht, reknown Polish insurtech journalist and published in

Another project has emerged in the insurtech market, aimed at enhancing customer convenience in managing their insurance. This is about the startup Inslet, which is developing an app to act as a sort of wallet for insurance policies. The software is available on Google Play and App Store.

The creators intend for the app to store all the user’s insurance policies, making them readily accessible in a convenient, digitized form. The app will remind users about expiring insurance and upcoming premium payments (and in the future, it will also enable payment of these premiums). It will also facilitate emergency assistance and contact with insurers – users will find instructions on what to do in case of damage, as well as relevant contact details for each of their policies. Eventually, the tool aims to easily connect users with their agents or brokers.

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Customers can add their existing policies to the app manually, but policies can also appear automatically through Inslet's integration with agents' systems and insurance companies. The goal is to eventually have the latter model as the dominant one. Currently, the company is seeking investors and market-savvy partners to assist in navigating the costly and complex process of integration.

As explained by Jacek Dymczak, co-founder of Inslet, in an interview with, the use of the app will be free for end customers – the policyholders. The business model of the company assumes that intermediaries will bear the costs, initially using the tool primarily as a convenient way of delivering electronic policies to clients. Through Inslet, an insurance proposal can be sent to a client, who can then remotely sign it after identity verification.

Insurtech has already undergone a pilot implementation at the brokerage firm Capital Brokers Insurance Group (whose owners have stakes in Inslet).

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