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Best practices from the US Cyber InsurTech space - The token opportunity in FinTech - The state of Quantum Computing in Finland‍

Best practices from the US Cyber InsurTech space

Back in November 2022, Russian computers were surreptitiously scanning American computers when they stumbled into a trap: a network of 400 virtual servers with IP addresses that appeared to belong to real companies and organizations. Except these were decoys set up by Coalition, a San Francisco–based fintech that combines one of the world’s oldest industries—insurance—with cutting-edge techniques for detecting cyberthreats. “There’s no legitimate reason anyone should try to connect to any of those servers,” says Coalition CEO and cofounder Joshua Motta, a 40-year-old former CIA analyst.

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The token opportunity in FinTech

Tokenized. The future of commerce. This is the most important topic in the tech industry, hiding in plain sight. Tokenization will reshape identity, commerce, and finance. Every online interaction will be disrupted by it over the next decade. The term is confusing. Depending on your background, you might think about data privacy, cybersecurity, digital assets, credit card tokenization, or even open banking. But the subject is so much broader. Every commerce transaction will use a token.

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The state of Quantum Computing in Finland

In 1965, cryogenics pioneer Olli V. Lounasmaa set up the Low Temperature Laboratory (LTL) at what is now Aalto University to research ultra-low temperature physics. Despite some initial scepticism because “why would anyone want to research cold in Finland,” the LTL has prospered, attracting researchers from all over the world — and laying the foundation for Finland’s leading quantum computing startup ecosystem.

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