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Simplea is entering the Polish market. The Czech life insurer is supported in our market by insurtech Unext.

Another insurer is showing interest in the Polish market. Czech-based Simplea notified the Polish Financial Supervision Authority

Original text here from IDA KRZEMINKA-ALBRYCHT

Simplea intends to sell through agents, but the process of concluding the contract and its subsequent servicing is to be electronic.

Another insurer is showing interest in the Polish market. Czech-based Simplea notified the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) in November last year of its intention to operate in Poland, and in January, selected agents began selling its policies as part of a pilot project. Simplea's entry into Poland is partnered with insurtech Unext, which has also assisted other insurers like wefox and DallBogg in establishing and operating within the country.

"We are currently preparing for product training and registering new advisors in order to gradually expand our distribution base in Poland," Martin Švece, CEO of Simplea, told the service.

What will the insurer offer to Polish customers? Various life insurance options. "Customers will be able to easily choose from pre-prepared packages or configure insurance according to their preferences. There will be 37 insurance risks to choose from, covering not only the client but also their family members. Besides various types of life insurance, we also offer additional accident and illness policies (covering risks such as hospitalization, serious illness, permanent accident effects, surgery, or loss of independence), as well as popular payouts for the birth of a child," explains Martin Švece.

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Simplea will exclusively sell its insurance through agents. However, as their representative assures, the company is technologically advanced, offering a fully electronic contract conclusion and subsequent policy management. The Polish version of the service site mojasimplea is already available online.

A distinguishing feature of the Czech insurer's offer is the high flexibility of products and the approach to determining premiums – with the possibility of adjusting the premium amount based on the insured's age, making the insurance more accessible and attractive even to younger customers.

As mentioned, Simplea's debut in Poland is the result of cooperation with Unext, with whom the insurer has established a strategic partnership. Unext acts as an MGA (managing general agent), meaning it will not only handle policy sales but also take on various other aspects of the company's operations, including customer service, distribution network management, claims settlement, and claim handling.

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