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The agency-oriented TubaPay is now InslyPay. The application has already undergone rebranding

Insly acquired a business from Bacci at the end of last year that includes card payments for agents.

Original text here from IDA KRZEMINKA-ALBRYCHT

Insly acquired a business from Bacci at the end of last year that includes card payments for agents.

Insly has completed the rebranding of an app designed for agents to accept payments. The former TubaPay has changed its color scheme to orange and now operates under the name InslyPay.

Last year, the insurtech, which offers insurance intermediaries tools to support their work, purchased from Bacci a business encompassing card payments for agents. Not only the application itself but also the development team and existing clients came under Insly's wing. The transaction did not include the TubaPay brand itself, as the previous owner intends to continue developing under this brand, but no longer in the insurance sector. Therefore, it was known from the beginning that the pink app would have to undergo rebranding.

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Insly representatives assure that the tool, in its new colors, will be used in the same way as before. InslyPay is an application connected to a payment terminal, allowing direct acceptance of payments into individual insurers' accounts (if they are integrated with the InslyPay system) or into an agent's account. After issuing a policy in the insurer's system, a QR code is generated, scanning which transfers the necessary policy data to the connected payment terminal. Soon, this process is expected to be even simpler, as the payment solution will be integrated with Insly's CRM system, allowing payment information to go straight from the agency system to the terminal.

The planned integration will not limit the possibility of using InslyPay as a standalone service. Agents interested only in card payment acceptance support will not have to opt for other elements of Insly's offering.

Insly is a technology provider for the insurance sector. In Poland, it is known primarily for its services directed at insurance agents, offering a subscription-based CRM system, premium calculator, and compliance support. Its CRM system is used by 18,000 intermediaries.

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