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The e-Receipt service in the PKO BP system is coming to an end. The financial sector is working on a new solution

Through the e-Receipt service, it was possible to store digital versions of receipts for purchases made at Orlen stations within PKO BP's online banking.

Original text here from IDA KRZEMINKA-ALBRYCHT

Through the e-Receipt service, it was possible to store digital versions of receipts for purchases made at Orlen stations within PKO BP's online banking.

PKO BP is discontinuing its e-Receipt service, the digital equivalent of a fiscal receipt, available through the iPKO service. Customers will only be able to use it until the end of March this year. PKO BP introduced this service on a trial basis in May 2019, but the solution never progressed beyond the pilot phase. According to the creators' intention, the e-Receipt was supposed to provide convenient digital access to receipts, accumulated in the My e-Receipts section of PKO BP's online banking. The service, which could be activated for free for any debit card issued by PKO BP, was a potentially useful convenience but had a very limited scope – it only covered card payments made at Orlen stations.

In the tests of the service that is now being closed, besides PKO and Orlen, eService, as the payment terminal operator, and KIR, as the technological partner, also participated.

Interestingly, at the launch of the pilot, the project creators noted that according to legal regulations, the e-Receipt could not replace the traditional fiscal receipt, so the issuer, despite sending the document in digital form, still had to provide the customer with a traditional receipt. However, it was expected that in the future, the electronic receipt would be equated with its paper counterpart. Then, PKO would already have its solution ready, reducing transaction time and facilitating the storage and searching of purchase proofs. Indeed, Polish legislation moved in the direction assumed by PKO, as you could read on about the e-Receipts app from the Ministry of Finance. However, it seems that other project assumptions were not fulfilled. We have learned unofficially that Orlen decided to end the project.

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We asked PKO BP and KIR for comments on the decision to withdraw this service. In response, KIR informs: "The pilot project for the e-receipt ended on the scheduled date. Currently, the financial sector is working on a new version of this service."


PKO BP provided their comment:

"The pilot of the e-Receipt service (the digital equivalent of a fiscal receipt received after card payments at selected Orlen stations) has been running since June 2019 as part of a partnership agreement signed by four companies: eService, KIR, PKN Orlen, and PKO Bank Polski. PKN Orlen does not plan to continue providing this service to customers, therefore it will not be available at PKO Bank Polski. The bank evaluates this pilot positively and is open to similar projects in the future.

New customers can activate the e-Receipt service until February 15, and existing ones can use it until March 31, 2024 – all customers who use this service will receive information on this matter in due course."

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