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The insurance-focused TubaPay is transitioning to InslyPay. Insurtech has finalized the transaction and announces a rebranding initiative

Insly, a technology provider for the insurance industry known as insurtech, intends to integrate a payment solution into its CRM system to simplify the work for agents.

The original article was written by Ida Krzemińska-Albrycht, reknown Polish insurtech journalist and published in

Insly, a technology provider for the insurance industry known as insurtech, intends to integrate a payment solution into its CRM system to simplify the work for agents.

The company recently finalized an agreement with Bacca to acquire the insurance aspect of TubaPay, an app used by insurance agents for processing payments via cards and Blik for policies. As a result, Insly will inherit TubaPay's current clients, users, and the team developing this service. Fiserv remains the settlement partner.

This development, first reported by in September, marks a significant step for Insly. Following the transaction, Insly plans to rebrand the service. The mobile app and TubaPay's current insurance domain will transition to InslyPay, changing from pink to orange, but the user experience will remain the same.

The rebranding was a pre-planned part of the acquisition, as Insly took over TubaPay's insurance business but not the brand itself. Bacca plans to continue developing TubaPay outside the insurance market.

Through this acquisition, Insly takes over more than 800 contracts that TubaPay had with agents. Insurtech assures that their terms will remain unchanged. Fiserv, operating under the brand PolCard from Fiserv, continues as the settlement partner. The service cost includes a monthly fee for using the terminal and a transaction fee, which varies based on the insurance company's integration with the app. Eight insurers have already integrated with the solution, and Insly is in discussions with more.

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Insly has also announced plans to upgrade some of the terminals used by agents by the end of the first quarter of next year. Agents using old Verifone terminals will receive new technology-based terminals with built-in SIM cards for free.

Furthermore, by the end of the second quarter, Insly plans to integrate the payment solution with its system. This will allow payments to be initiated directly from Insly's CRM system, simplifying the process for agents using the Insly calculator and accepting card payments.

Insly encourages its existing customers to try this new solution, highlighting that those who haven't used terminals before can benefit from support through the Polska Bezgotówkowa program.

The planned integration will not limit the use of InslyPay as a standalone service. Agents interested only in card payment processing can choose this without opting for other Insly services.

Piotr Bartos, the head of Insly in Poland, emphasizes that the core of their operations in Poland remains the continuous development of the CRM system and support for insurance intermediaries. This approach is also beneficial for insurance companies, as it introduces a high and secure standard for insurance distribution, crucial for regulatory compliance and ultimately satisfying both intermediaries and customers.

Insly is known in Poland mainly for its subscription-based CRM system for insurance agents, which offers premium comparison, policy issuance, and compliance support. The number of users of this solution has neared 18,000 this year.

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