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Trasti has trained bots for sales and insurance services. Customers will be able to purchase insurance policies through chat

In the coming weeks, Trasti plans to launch a conversational bot that will allow customers to purchase insurtech

Original text here from IDA KRZEMINKA-ALBRYCHT

Other bots working for Trasti analyze vehicle photos and handle insurance sales inquiries.

In the coming weeks, Trasti plans to launch a conversational bot that will allow customers to purchase insurtech policies through Messenger. During the chat, users will be able to select the policy coverage, enter into an insurance contract, and make premium payments. Powered by the ChatGPT engine, the bot will assist the customer throughout this process by engaging in conversation.

Initially, the bot provided by Trasti will focus on selling insurance policies. However, the insurtech is working on further improving this tool so that it can also answer customer inquiries about general insurance terms and conditions.

It's worth mentioning that Trasti's team has also trained two other bots working in the back office. One of them analyzes purchase-sale agreements submitted by customers, extracts data from them, and assigns them to specific policies. As a result, the insurtech's employees only need to approve the change in the contract status.

The second bot assists Trasti's team in analyzing photos of vehicles reported for auto insurance claims. When entering into such agreements, the insurer requires the customer to send photos of the vehicle to assess whether it is already damaged. The bot checks the photos to see if they are up-to-date and unaltered and "inspects" the vehicle depicted to assess its condition.

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Trasti is a Polish insurtech that sells motor insurance from the Slovenian company Zavarovalnica Triglav. The company started in March 2021, less than three years ago. During this time, it has gained nearly 300,000 customers, with 180,000 in the past year. Its offerings are available through agents, insurance comparison websites, and directly on the insurtech's website. Its main distinguishing features are interest-free premium payments and comprehensive car insurance coverage up to 100% of the vehicle's value (without declaring a total loss).

We previously reported significant increases in the premium volume that this Polish insurtech was experiencing, based on data from the first three quarters of the past year. Now, the company has released its full-year results, revealing that it collected PLN 134 million in premiums in 2023, with 14% of them being voluntary risks, and it can boast of a positive operating result in its insurance activities.

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