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[VivaTech 2024] Startups to meet in insurance & emerging risks

Zelros AfterData Accure Xund Weathermind Prodaft Eoliann Buster Cypher Lab Giskard

Zelros - The Insurance Copilot™ is a pioneer and award-winning SaaS platform that offers real-time personalized insurance recommendations across channels. It enables insurers to provide the best coverage to their policyholders while boosting client acquisition, cross-selling & upselling, driving agent effectiveness, and increasing loyalty. Distribution & Innovation Insurers leaders rely on Zelros to create relevant and proactive customer and agent experiences.

AfterData is the 1st French solution for combating financial crime: money laundering, terrorist financing and market abuse, offering to European financial players an innovative compliance solution combining machine learning and micro-segmentation. Our solution gives you a 360° view of the alert, an all-in-one tool where you can process the alert from A to Z without leaving the tool. An easy-to-understand dashboard displaying the key elements provides you with a fantastic management tool.

ACCURE is the leading provider of predictive analytics solutions for battery energy storage. We empower companies to reduce risk, enhance performance, and maximize the business value of their energy storage investments. Our advanced AI algorithms simplify the complexity of battery data, enabling safer, more reliable, and more sustainable operations. With deep expertise in battery technology and data analytics, we deliver unique clarity to energy storage management. Our solutions enable customers worldwide to optimize the performance and safety of their battery systems while minimizing costs and environmental impact. Visit to learn how you can achieve your energy storage goals.

XUND enables healthcare providers to digitize the patient journey and translate unstructured patient data into actionable insights. Founded in Vienna, in 2018, the healthtech scale-up covers the entire patient journey with its Patient Interaction Suite and enables digital interactions from prevention to diagnosis and monitoring. The technology is used as the first digital point of contact by leading insurance companies, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies and is the industry's first class IIa medical device in accordance with the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR). XUND now employs more than 40 people and has offices in Budapest and London in addition to its headquarters in Vienna.

Climate change is bringing new operational challenges to property insurers with rising volumes of claims, concentrated in short timeframes (peak effects) and highly heterogeneous. WeatherMind AI enables insurers to automatically scan all incoming climate claims. Depending on the severity, we then either process them end-to-end (up to 70% of total volumes) or we prioritize human intervention to avoid loss aggravation. By doing so, insurers can improve their operational efficiency, leading to: + A streamlined claims’ processing: -50% on loss adjustment costs and less follow-up calls per claim. + A contained loss / leakage: 90% of opportunistic / bogus claims detected without further investigation. + An enhanced customer satisfaction: 30x shorter cycle time and detailed pay-out decisions. Our initial focus is drought-induced damages but we plan to quickly expand to other perils: hail, storm, flood, …

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PRODAFT is a pioneering European company that has been redefining the threat intelligence field since 2012 by detecting and mitigating cyberattacks right from the source. By obtaining unmatched visibility into the adversarial infrastructures and mixing it with our profound expertise in the field, we empower our clients with verified and actionable intelligence. Our CTI (USTA) and risk intelligence (BLINDSPOT) platforms present a game-changing opportunity to ramp up your digital resilience with intel that matters and works for your objectives, not against them – and with no blind spots left.

Eoliann is a pioneering startup dedicated to assisting institutions and businesses in predicting and mitigating climate risks. By leveraging advanced satellite data and cutting-edge proprietary machine learning algorithms, Eoliann provides critical insights into the likelihood and impact of various climate-related threats. Their innovative approach not only empowers clients to make informed decisions but also fosters a proactive stance in addressing climate challenges, ensuring a more resilient and sustainable future for all.

Buster.Ai is your digital shield against misleading, toxic, and Deep Fake content that threatens your company's security and finances. Thanks to our SaaS platform with Generative AI and award-winning Large Language Models, we protect companies and governments against misinformation and informational threats in two steps: preemptively alerting on risks before damage occurs and automatically taking action and counter-action to contain and prevent new attacks. Thanks to Buster.Ai's B2B SaaS platform, CISOs and CMOs can take a preventive approach to crisis management before financial or reputational damage occurs.

Cypherlab is at the forefront of enhancing privacy in the Web3 space, empowering users with full control over their data and digital assets. Specializing in data ownership solutions for blockchain and Web3 users, Cypherlab ensures that your wallet, your data, and your choices remain secure and private. Their advanced privacy solutions are designed to safeguard personal information while fostering a decentralized and user-centric digital environment, ultimately revolutionizing how individuals interact with and protect their digital identities in the evolving Web3 landscape.

Giskard mission is to empower people to create better AI models. We provide a holistic platform covering all the risks of AI models in terms of Quality, Safety and Compliance. Our platform enables the creation of superior AI models that can be deployed in production. It includes : - an Open Source Python library to empower Data Scientists to detect errors in models - a proprietary Testing module to empower Product Owners to validate the functional, business & legal requirements of LLM applications to avoid delayed deployment timelines - a proprietary Compliance module to help Governance stakeholders with evidence retrieval and recommendations, so that AI projects are compliant with increasingly evolving legal requirements Our AI Red Teaming experts also help companies audit their LLM models by detecting breaches in their LLM-based applications (hallucinations, data leakage, prompt injection...), with real attack scenarios.

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