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[Report] 10 years of InsurTech in Germany

10 years of InsurTech in Germany

Together with Maschemeyer Group, Insurlab Germany and astoryaIO we crunched 10 years of data on investments in that ecosystem.You can download the full report, here.

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Here is an overview of what you will learn from that analysis :

Despite being the largest economy in Europe, Germany is behind the UK and France in terms of number of InsurTech startups.

While German InsurTech funding amounts appear to be the highest in Europe over the recent years, a single company attracted an amazing 62% of that money ! Guess who?

The peak InsurTech (number of startups launched per year) happened slightly earlier in Germany than in other top startup ecosystems in Europe.

No insurance business line is immune to innovation as InsurTech startups in Germany have been tackling everyone of them. You will be surprised by the split though (no, InsurTech is not only about P&C !)

Most startups still alive are at Series A level in Germany. And interestingly the most successful parts of the German InsurTech market are not necessarily the ones making the headlines, rather the opposite !

Finally, get insights on how investments in InsurTech compare to insurers' IT budgets ; the positioning alongside the value chain and how it compares with other ecosystems ; and where there is room for improvement.

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