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Insurtech weekly: Embedded Insurance real figures !

1️⃣ The state of online SME Insurance in the UK

Smaller businesses in the UK have multiple options when it comes to insurance, but those who wish to buy directly online face dramatically fewer choices. Of 65 leading SME insurance insurers, MGAs, and brokers, 72% do not provide direct online access for SME customers, according to our new research. This is why, we launched the first ranking on SME online insurance in the UK.

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2️⃣ The ‘make or buy’ dilemma for corporates

Corporates face the ‘make or buy dilemma’ in their innovation journey. So, I asked chatGPT for the top 3 reasons why they should embrace an external (startup) solution instead of building it solo.

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3️⃣ Real figures on the benefits of Embedded Finance & Insurance

Consumer applications for embedded finance for use cases like these have exploded in recent years, and new research shows businesses are fast to follow. It’s why embedded finance is estimated to be a $7.2 trillion market by 2030. A new study from Juniper Research, conducted in collaboration with Galileo Financial Technologies, finds that 63% of U.S. B2B businesses offer some form of embedded finance solution. More indicate they’ll be fast to follow.

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