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InsurTech - What a milestone !

 Open Insurance: opportunities behind the buzzword - Consumer FinTech that scaled - Apple on track to buy (instead of make) Generative AI ?

Open Insurance: opportunities behind the buzzword

Open insurance — sharing insurer-held data and capabilities within a specialized partner ecosystem — offers benefits to customers and industry players alike. As a key enabler for embedding insurance solutions within product and service purchases, it provides customers greater convenience, flexibility, and personalization. For insurers, it allows for better targeting, efficiency, product/service enhancement, and data accuracy. Yet there are significant barriers hindering progress toward the open insurance model. In this Viewpoint, we examine the building blocks and priorities for overcoming barriers and making open insurance a reality.

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Consumer FinTech that scaled

The digital-only and Neobanks are coming at the legacy banks much more aggressively. They're profitable, expanding their product base, and here to stay, while most big banks are cutting headcount or downsizing. Regionals are in a commercial real-estate crisis, and small banks face the choice of M&A or risky embedded finance. Nothing quite fuels me (Simon Taylor) like a banker making excuses, and this year's earnings season from the big banks was a doozy. I've been itching to write this piece for weeks.

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Apple on track to buy (instead of make) Generative AI ?

Apple Inc. is in talks to build Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence engine into the iPhone, according to people familiar with the situation, setting the stage for a blockbuster agreement that would shake up the AI industry.

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