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InsurTech Europe: April 2023

France was the most active local scene, with 3rounds closed for a total of €8.2m.

Overall, €8.2m were invested through 3 deals.

Top 3 deals:

France was the most active local scene, with 3rounds closed for a total of €8.2m. Streamlining Health Reimbursements is an innovative online platform designed to assist users in tracking their health reimbursements and ensuring they get back the money owed to them. In a world where health insurance claims can become complicated and time-consuming, seeks to simplify the process, ensuring that individuals are not left out of pocket due to oversight or unfulfilled promises.

Does your health mutual make promises to you? is here to help you ensure those promises are kept. Recognizing the challenges many face when dealing with insurance reimbursements, this startup offers a proactive approach, bridging the gap between the promises made by insurance providers and the actual reimbursements received by the policyholders. Shaping the Future of Employee Retirement Savings is at the forefront of revolutionizing retirement savings for the modern era. Recognizing the imperative need for future financial security, the platform focuses on facilitating the preparation for employees' futures with the next generation of retirement savings. While many HR managers acknowledge the significance of the Retirement Savings Plan, a limited number actually extend this offering to their staff. Could the reason be the perceived complexity? seeks to demystify and streamline the process. Addressing the challenges faced by HR professionals, the platform simplifies the integration of retirement savings plans, making it more accessible and manageable for companies to offer these essential financial tools to their employees. In doing so, not only empowers businesses but also ensures a secure and brighter financial future for employees. Redefining B2B Mobility Insurance is ushering in a new era of insurance, specifically tailored for B2B mobility needs. In the dynamic landscape of business mobility, where the movement of goods, services, and employees is paramount, offers a platform that allows businesses to deploy a new generation of insurance products. This innovation ensures that companies are adequately protected, catering to the evolving demands and challenges of modern enterprise mobility.

The Korint platform stands out by prioritizing adaptability and comprehensiveness in its offerings. By providing businesses with a toolkit to integrate next-gen insurance products, is not only safeguarding businesses' mobility endeavors but also contributing to a more resilient and efficient B2B mobility ecosystem.

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