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InsurTech Europe: B2C InsurTech

Here are KPI on the 3 fastest growing B2C InsurTech startups in Europe

ManyPets ( BoughtByMany)

ManyPets is an online pet store in the United Kingdom that offers a wide range of pet products including food, toys, and accessories for dogs, cats, birds, and other animals.

Key words: ManyPets, online pet store, United Kingdom, pet products, food, toys, accessories.


Luko is a French insurance technology company that provides home insurance with a focus on prevention and customer experience. Their services include real-time monitoring of potential hazards in the home and personalized advice to help customers reduce risks.

Key words: LUKO, insurance technology, home insurance, prevention, customer experience, real-time monitoring, personalized advice.


Getsafe is a German-based digital insurance company that offers various insurance products such as home, liability, and health insurance. Their services are available through a mobile app and are aimed at providing a simple and easy-to-use insurance experience for customers.

Key words: Getsafe, digital insurance, Germany, home insurance, liability insurance, health insurance, mobile app.

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