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Wiipo: Revolutionizing Financial Services with Senior Sistemas' Cutting-Edge Fintech Platform

Wiipo is a digital platform launched by Senior Sistemas, a company with over 30 years of experience in driving business through innovative

Wiipo is a digital platform launched by Senior Sistemas, a company with over 30 years of experience in driving business through innovative technology solutions. As a fintech entity, Wiipo is designed to revolutionize the way businesses and individuals experience financial services and corporate benefits. Its offerings are rooted in agility, flexibility, autonomy, and cutting-edge technology, reflecting a commitment to providing a new level of freedom and choice in financial services.

Key Services and Features of Wiipo

Financial Services for Businesses

Wiipo caters to both legal entities and individuals associated with companies, like employees and freelancers. The platform is preparing to introduce products that respond to market demands, such as integrated management of invoices and advance receivables.

Personal Financial Management

For individuals, Wiipo simplifies the process of accessing flexible benefits, payroll loans, and other practical services. It emphasizes financial education, helping individuals manage their salaries more effectively and make smarter financial decisions.

Open Banking and Integration

Wiipo embraces the concept of open banking, giving customers control over their data and the freedom to choose financial institutions for data sharing. It is also equipped for PIX, a service for instant payments, enhancing transaction speed and convenience.

Automated and Intelligent Solutions

The platform's vision is to automate and integrate financial processes through intelligent tools. This approach aims to speed up and simplify everyday business operations like generating invoices, approving payroll loans, and managing receivables.

Product Range

Initially, Wiipo is launching with products like receivable advance and payroll loans for individuals. The management of invoices and card advance services are in the pilot phase with selected clients.

Strategic Integration

Wiipo's strategy includes integrating various players in the financial services sector, such as other fintechs and banks, as well as its products, into a user-friendly interface. This integration empowers customers to compare and choose services best suited to their needs at any given time.

Advancing with Open Finance

The synergy between banks, fintechs, and ERP is expected to be further boosted by open finance, a domain where Wiipo is actively engaged.

Wiipo stands out for its emphasis on operational efficiency, customer empowerment, and technological innovation. Its affiliation with Senior Sistemas, a renowned player in the field of business management software, provides it with a strong foundation and credibility in the market

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