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InsurTech Europe: Belgium

Here are 3 InsurTech startups spotted in Belgium


WeGroup is a Belgian insurtech company that offers a platform for insurance companies to streamline their processes and provide better customer service. The platform includes a chatbot that can answer insurance-related questions and handle claims, as well as tools for managing policies, processing payments, and more. WeGroup aims to improve the insurance industry by leveraging technology to increase efficiency and enhance the customer experience.


Hopala is a Belgian e-commerce platform that specializes in selling locally-made and sustainable products. The platform aims to promote a more sustainable way of shopping and supports small businesses by giving them a platform to showcase their products. Customers can browse a range of products, including fashion, beauty, food, and home goods, and make purchases directly through the website. Hopala also offers a carbon offset program to help reduce the environmental impact of shipping products to customers.


Qover is a Belgian insurtech company that provides insurance solutions for businesses and individuals. The company offers a range of insurance products, including travel, gadget, and rental insurance, as well as customizable insurance packages for businesses. Qover uses technology to simplify the insurance process, allowing customers to purchase and manage their policies online. The company also partners with other businesses, such as banks and e-commerce platforms, to offer insurance products to their customers. Qover aims to disrupt the traditional insurance industry by providing flexible, customer-centric insurance solutions.

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