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InsurTech Europe: December 2022

Here are KPI on the fundraising activity this month, for the European InsurTech scene

In total, €33m were invested through 6 deals.

Top 3 deals:

The UK was the most active local scene, with 3 rounds closed for a total of €18m.


Bondaval is a financial technology company that offers innovative credit solutions to consumers and businesses. Their services include credit monitoring, identity theft protection, and credit repair. They leverage advanced technology to provide their customers with personalized credit analysis and recommendations, helping them to improve their credit scores and achieve their financial goals. Smart Credit's mission is to empower individuals and businesses with the tools and knowledge needed to make informed financial decisions and achieve financial success.

Cartan Trade

Cartan Trade provides credit insurance solutions to businesses looking to protect themselves against unpaid bills and unlock their potential for growth. By simplifying the process of obtaining credit insurance, they help businesses to secure funding and take advantage of new opportunities while mitigating the risk of non-payment. Their services are designed to make credit insurance more accessible and user-friendly, helping businesses to manage their credit risk with ease. With a focus on simplification and accessibility, this company aims to empower businesses to thrive and succeed in a competitive marketplace.


Alicia provides insurance solutions specifically designed for freelancers and self-employed individuals. Their innovative Insurance as a Service platform offers a range of customizable insurance options that can be tailored to fit the unique needs of each client. By providing insurance coverage as a service, they help freelancers to obtain the protection they need without the complexity and overhead associated with traditional insurance policies. Their platform offers peace of mind for freelancers, their clients, and the company itself. By streamlining the insurance process, this company aims to empower freelancers to focus on their work and achieve success without worrying about the risks associated with their profession.

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