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InsurTech Europe: June 2023

KPI on the fundraising activity this month, for the European InsurTech scene

Overall, €53m were invested through 6 deals.

Top 3 deals:

Germany was the most active local scene, with 1 round closed for a total of €22m.


Thinksurance is a groundbreaking startup that revolutionizes digital insurance consulting. Their Advisory Suite serves as a bridge between insurers and broker agents, offering a comprehensive digital omnichannel solution to drive sustainable insurance sales. With Thinksurance, insurers and broker agents can explore new sales opportunities in the digital realm, unlocking previously untapped potentials and enhancing their reach.

The platform empowers insurance professionals to leverage advanced digital tools and technology to streamline their sales processes and optimize customer engagement. Thinksurance's innovative approach helps insurers and broker agents stay at the forefront of the insurance industry's digital transformation, enabling them to adapt to evolving market demands and provide top-notch services to their clients. With Thinksurance's Advisory Suite, the future of insurance consulting is reimagined, offering seamless and sustainable insurance sales in the digital age.


Insify is an innovative startup that offers insurance solutions that propel you forward. With Insify, obtaining your insurance attestation is a quick and effortless process, taking just 2 minutes. Their approach is all about tailoring insurance packages to your specific needs, ensuring you get personalized coverage that suits you best. What sets Insify apart is their commitment to providing exceptional customer service, with their advisors readily available to assist you whenever you need help or guidance. Plus, with Insify, there are no hidden fees or fine print to worry about, offering transparent and straightforward insurance options for peace of mind.

At Insify, they believe in empowering individuals and businesses with insurance solutions that support their ambitions and help them navigate life's challenges. With a user-friendly platform and dedicated customer support, Insify is redefining the insurance experience, making it more convenient, transparent, and customized. Whether it's personal or business insurance needs, Insify is committed to helping you move forward with confidence.


Life5 is an innovative startup that offers a simple and transparent solution for life insurance coverage. With a focus on providing affordable death benefits, Life5 makes securing life insurance easy and accessible. Their platform ensures a hassle-free experience for individuals seeking peace of mind and financial protection for their loved ones. Life5's mission is to make life insurance more affordable and straightforward, eliminating unnecessary complexities and hidden costs often associated with traditional insurance policies.

Life5's user-friendly approach and commitment to transparency set them apart in the insurance market. Whether it's for personal or family coverage, Life5 strives to provide an affordable and reliable option for individuals seeking death benefits. With Life5, individuals can secure their future and that of their loved ones with a comprehensive and affordable life insurance policy, ensuring financial stability during challenging times.

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