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InsurTech Europe: New Risks


Wetterheld is a unique startup that offers insurance coverage specifically designed to protect holidays against rainy weather. With their services, travelers can insure their holidays against rain, ensuring that inclement weather doesn't dampen their spirits. Instead of worrying about the weather forecast, vacationers can relax and enjoy their trips, knowing that Wetterheld will take care of any inconveniences caused by rain. Whether it's visiting popular tourist attractions or dining at cozy restaurants, travelers can focus on creating memorable experiences while Wetterheld handles the weather-related risks.

In addition to providing holiday insurance, Wetterheld extends its coverage to other sectors as well. They offer insurance against drought and other adverse weather events for farmers, protecting their crops and livelihoods from unpredictable weather conditions. Moreover, they provide coverage for events, restaurants, and volksfests (folk festivals) against rain, ensuring that these businesses are financially protected in case of decreased attendance due to inclement weather. Wetterheld's tailored insurance solutions allow businesses and individuals in different industries to mitigate the risks associated with adverse weather conditions, enabling them to pursue their activities with confidence and security.

Descartes Underwritting

Descartes Underwriting is a cutting-edge startup that is revolutionizing the insurance industry with its parametric insurance offerings. Focusing on building resilience against climate risk, Descartes works in collaboration with brokers worldwide to provide protection to corporate clients and governments. Their unique approach is data-driven, utilizing advanced analytics to assess and mitigate risks associated with natural catastrophes, weather events, and emerging risks.

By leveraging technology and data, Descartes Underwriting is able to offer innovative insurance solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of their clients. Parametric insurance, unlike traditional insurance, relies on predefined triggers and data points to determine payouts, allowing for faster and more transparent claims processes. This approach enables businesses and governments to proactively manage and transfer risks related to climate events, enhancing their resilience and providing financial protection. With its focus on harnessing data and advanced analytics, Descartes Underwriting is at the forefront of shaping the future of the insurance industry and helping clients navigate the evolving landscape of climate risk.


Envelop Risk is an innovative startup that specializes in data-driven cyber underwriting. With the increasing frequency and complexity of cyber threats, Envelop Risk utilizes advanced analytics and augmented intelligence to assess and manage cyber risks effectively. By leveraging data and cutting-edge technology, they provide tailored insurance solutions that help businesses mitigate the financial impact of cyber incidents.

Envelop Risk's approach is centered around harnessing the power of data and analytics to gain insights into cyber risks. Their advanced underwriting process involves analyzing vast amounts of data to identify potential vulnerabilities and threats, enabling them to accurately assess the cyber risk profile of organizations. This data-driven approach allows Envelop Risk to offer comprehensive and customized insurance coverage that aligns with the specific needs and risk appetite of their clients. By combining the power of augmented intelligence and advanced analytics, Envelop Risk is at the forefront of cyber underwriting, helping businesses navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity and protect themselves from the financial consequences of cyber attacks.


Intelecy is an innovative startup that specializes in a no-code approach to industrial AI. Their platform allows users to easily create machine learning models in a matter of minutes, enabling real-time predictions that drive efficiency, quality, and sustainability optimization within industrial processes. By eliminating the need for complex coding, Intelecy opens up the world of AI to a wider range of users, empowering them to harness the power of machine learning for data-driven decision-making.

With Intelecy's platform, businesses can unlock the potential of AI without the need for extensive technical expertise. The intuitive interface and user-friendly tools enable users to build machine learning models tailored to their specific needs and objectives. These models can then provide real-time predictions, allowing organizations to optimize their operations, enhance product quality, and drive sustainability efforts. By democratizing access to industrial AI through a no-code approach, Intelecy is driving innovation and enabling businesses to harness the benefits of AI-driven insights for improved productivity and sustainability.


Symmetrical is an innovative startup that offers a new and improved way to manage payroll and HR processes. Designed specifically for modern People Teams, Symmetrical provides a comprehensive payroll bureau service that streamlines and simplifies the payroll and HR functions within organizations. With their user-friendly platform and advanced features, Symmetrical aims to revolutionize the way companies handle their payroll and HR operations.

By utilizing Symmetrical's services, People Teams can expect a seamless and efficient experience when it comes to managing payroll. The platform offers robust payroll processing capabilities, ensuring accurate and timely payment to employees. Additionally, Symmetrical provides a range of HR features, including employee self-service, time and attendance tracking, and compliance management. With Symmetrical's innovative approach, companies can eliminate manual processes, reduce administrative burdens, and gain more control and visibility over their payroll and HR functions.


Hokodo is an innovative startup that aims to simplify B2B payments for businesses. With their scalable, all-in-one payment solution, Hokodo provides a comprehensive platform that includes trade credit and immediate payment options. By offering a seamless payment experience, Hokodo enables B2B businesses to achieve growth without the operational inefficiencies, outdated payment processes, or working capital constraints that often hinder business expansion.

With Hokodo, businesses can streamline their payment processes and overcome the challenges associated with traditional B2B transactions. The platform offers flexible trade credit options, allowing businesses to extend credit terms to their customers while managing their own cash flow effectively. Additionally, immediate payment options provide the necessary liquidity to businesses, ensuring faster access to funds and improved working capital management. By providing a modern and efficient payment solution, Hokodo empowers businesses to enhance their customer experience, drive growth, and navigate the complex landscape of B2B payments with ease.


StablePrice is a startup that serves as the home of hedging, providing businesses with a solution to protect themselves from volatile commodity prices. In an ever-changing market where commodity prices can fluctuate significantly, StablePrice offers a reliable and effective method for businesses to mitigate the risks associated with price volatility. By utilizing their platform, businesses can safeguard their operations and financial stability.

With StablePrice, businesses gain access to hedging strategies and tools that allow them to manage their exposure to commodity price fluctuations. The platform provides comprehensive risk management solutions tailored to the specific needs of each business, helping them establish stable and predictable pricing structures. By protecting against unexpected price movements, StablePrice empowers businesses to make informed decisions, maintain profitability, and avoid potential losses caused by volatile commodity markets. With its focus on hedging, StablePrice plays a vital role in supporting the stability and sustainability of businesses operating in industries affected by commodity price fluctuations.

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