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InsurTech Europe: October 2022

Here are KPI on the fundraising activity this month, for the European InsurTech scene

In total, €31m were invested through 7 deals.

Top 3 deals:

France was the most active local scene, with 6 rounds closed for a total of €31m.


Qantev is a smart health claims platform designed to provide augmented insurance for clients. The company's focus is on helping clients make informed decisions by providing a comprehensive data analysis and visualization platform. With Qantev, clients can access advanced analytics and data modeling tools to gain insights into their healthcare operations and make data-driven decisions. Qantev's software is designed to enable health insurance operations to achieve excellence, freeing up resources and empowering staff to focus on decision making rather than data engineering. Overall, Qantev's smart health claims platform offers a powerful solution for insurers seeking to streamline their operations and provide better, more efficient service to their customers.


Neat is a company that is reinventing insurance for distributors by offering customized insurance products. With its expertise in insurance and technology, Neat provides innovative protection for goods and services. Customers can benefit from tailored insurance policies that are specifically designed for their specific projects. The advantages for distributors include an immediate increase in revenue, customer loyalty, and the offering of high-value added insurance with easy integration. In summary, Neat offers a personalized insurance solution for distributors that meets the specific needs of each customer and generates additional revenue.


Evy provides the best product protection experience, enabling businesses to increase their associated sales. By offering a modern and innovative solution, Evy allows businesses to stand out from the competition, gain customer loyalty, and increase their average basket size. In summary, Evy offers a highly effective product protection solution for businesses, enhancing their customer experience and boosting sales through a modern and innovative approach.

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