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Flexible compensation is a crucial aspect for modern companies, and Coverflex understands this well. With their innovative approach, they have streamlined the process, making it effortless for managers, accountants, and employees alike. Gone are the days of complex and time-consuming procedures. Coverflex has revolutionized the way compensation is handled, offering a seamless experience for all parties involved. Whether it's managing employee benefits, calculating salaries, or administering reimbursements, Coverflex simplifies the entire process, allowing companies to focus on what matters most: their core business. By providing an intuitive platform, Coverflex empowers companies to provide flexible compensation options that cater to the unique needs of their workforce.

Keep Warranty

Keep Warranty is a straightforward and highly practical application designed to store and manage the warranties and purchase receipts of your appliances. With this user-friendly app, you no longer have to worry about misplacing or losing important documentation for your valuable purchases. Keep Warranty streamlines the process of organizing and accessing warranty information, ensuring that it is readily available whenever you need it. By digitally storing your warranties and purchase slips, the app provides a convenient and secure solution that eliminates the hassle of searching through physical paperwork. Whether you want to track expiration dates, submit claims, or simply have peace of mind knowing that your warranty information is safely stored, Keep Warranty is an invaluable tool for keeping your appliance documentation in order. Say goodbye to the stress of managing warranties and enjoy the convenience and efficiency offered by Keep Warranty.


InsurAds, the world's leading Attention Management Cloud Platform-as-a-Service, is once again at the forefront of innovation. With their latest offering, they are introducing the world's first Time and Attention Insurance for Digital Advertising. This groundbreaking solution addresses a critical challenge faced by advertisers in the digital landscape—ensuring that their ads receive the desired level of attention from the target audience. By providing comprehensive insurance coverage, InsurAds offers advertisers peace of mind, knowing that their investments are protected. This pioneering approach not only mitigates the risks associated with ad fraud and ineffective placements but also enables advertisers to optimize their campaigns based on actual engagement metrics. With InsurAds, advertisers can confidently navigate the dynamic world of digital advertising, maximizing their impact and achieving tangible results.

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