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Coverfy is a startup that offers a mobile-centric approach to insurance, aligning with the dynamic lifestyles of its users. With Coverfy, users can access all the information about their insurance policies conveniently through their mobile devices, available 24/7. This mobile accessibility empowers individuals to have full control over their insurance coverage at their fingertips, providing a seamless and convenient experience.

In addition to easy access to policy information, Coverfy also provides immediate assistance in emergencies and claims. Whether it's a sudden emergency or an unfortunate incident, users can rely on Coverfy's responsive support to navigate through the process and receive the necessary help promptly. With Coverfy, there is no need to deal with paperwork or stress. Everything is simplified and managed with a simple touch on the mobile app, allowing users to handle their insurance needs effortlessly and without unnecessary complications.


Drive&win is a unique startup that places trust in young and inexperienced drivers. They offer car insurance policies specifically designed for young drivers, even those who are beginners or hold a learner's permit. With Drive&win, young drivers no longer have to rely on their parents' insurance or pay higher premiums due to their age or lack of experience. They can have their car insurance policy in their own name, providing them with independence and financial fairness.

Drive&win ensures that young drivers receive competitive rates that are either equal to or even lower than what they would pay under their parents' insurance. This approach recognizes the potential and responsibility of young drivers and aims to provide them with affordable and tailored insurance coverage. By trusting in the capabilities of young drivers, Drive&win empowers them to take charge of their own car insurance, helping them build confidence and establish a sense of autonomy on the road.


Lisa Seguros is a startup that specializes in creating insurance solutions for the new economy. With the rise of the gig economy, freelance work, and innovative business models, traditional insurance products may not adequately address the unique needs of individuals and businesses operating in this evolving landscape. Lisa Seguros aims to fill this gap by offering insurance products tailored specifically to the needs of the new economy.

By understanding the challenges and risks faced by individuals and businesses in the new economy, Lisa Seguros develops innovative and flexible insurance solutions. These products are designed to provide comprehensive coverage and protection, addressing the specific risks associated with gig work, freelancing, and other emerging business models. With Lisa Seguros, individuals and businesses operating in the new economy can have peace of mind knowing that they are adequately protected against potential liabilities and risks, allowing them to focus on their work and pursue opportunities with confidence.

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