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InsurTech Europe: The EU InsurTech & Investment Show #15 (Descartes Underwriting)

January 2022

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🚀 Startup guest: Descartes Underwriting

Descartes Underwriting: Pioneering Data-Driven Solutions

Descartes Underwriting is at the forefront of the parametric insurance revolution, offering tailored solutions to protect clients against natural catastrophes, weather-related risks, and emerging threats. The company's approach is rooted in advanced data analytics, leveraging technology and artificial intelligence to develop accurate risk models and design parametric insurance products that effectively address the specific needs of each client.

Collaboration with Brokers for Comprehensive Coverage

Descartes Underwriting collaborates closely with brokers across the globe to deliver comprehensive parametric insurance coverage. By partnering with experienced brokers, Descartes gains valuable insights into local markets, enabling them to tailor their offerings to specific geographical regions and industries. This collaborative approach ensures that clients receive policies that accurately reflect their risk exposures, providing peace of mind and protection against climate-related perils.

Data-Driven Risk Assessment

Descartes' unique data-driven approach sets them apart in the parametric insurance landscape. By harnessing vast amounts of data, including historical weather patterns, satellite imagery, and climate models, Descartes accurately assesses the probability and severity of climate risks. This enables the development of parametric triggers that align with specific perils, allowing for swift and reliable claim payouts when pre-defined thresholds are met.

Building Resilience with Emerging Risk Coverage

In addition to traditional climate risks, Descartes Underwriting also addresses emerging risks that businesses and governments face in an ever-changing world. By staying ahead of the curve, Descartes leverages their data-driven approach to develop parametric insurance solutions for emerging perils such as cyber risks, supply chain disruptions, and geopolitical events. This forward-thinking approach allows clients to enhance their resilience by protecting against both known and unforeseen risks.

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