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InsurTech Europe: The EU InsurTech & Investment Show #2 (+Simple)

October 2020

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📊 KPI: €52m raised by European InsurTech startups

🚀 Startup guest: +Simple



+Simple is the first digital insurance broker dedicated to freelancers and small businesses (TPE) in France. Their mission is to provide specific solutions tailored to your profession that are competitively priced, easy to understand, and simple to subscribe to. In addition to utilizing cutting-edge technology, +Simple offers personalized support for managing your insurance policies and claims.

As a freelancer or small business owner, +Simple understands that your insurance needs may be unique and require a tailored approach. They offer a range of insurance solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of independent professionals and small businesses. Whether you need professional liability insurance, business property insurance, or other coverage, +Simple aims to provide comprehensive options that are suitable for your industry and budget.

What sets +Simple apart is their commitment to digital innovation. Through their user-friendly online platform, you can easily browse insurance options, compare quotes, and purchase coverage that suits your needs. The emphasis on simplicity and clarity makes the insurance process more accessible and efficient for freelancers and small business owners.

In addition to their digital capabilities, +Simple also provides personalized support. Their team is available to assist you with managing your insurance contracts and handling any claims that may arise. This personalized guidance ensures that you have the necessary support and expertise throughout your insurance journey.

To benefit from their specific insurance solutions for freelancers and small businesses, as well as their personalized support, you can visit their website at +Simple aims to simplify the insurance experience, making it easier for independent professionals and small businesses to protect themselves and their assets.



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