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InsurTech snapshot: the UK ecosystem over the last 3 years

We recently deep dived into 300+ InsurTech fundraising rounds announced in the European InsurTech scene. This is covering a time period from Q1 2020 to Q2 2023. The idea was to assess how the first quarter of this year compares to previous one, as the startup and tech scenes are currently facing tough time.Overall, 99 deals have been announced in the UK startup scene in the last 14 quarters. This represents 32% of all InsurTech rounds unveiled over the same period.It is interesting to note that the UK has long been the largest InsurTech ecosystem in Europe, with different waves of activity over time. However, the number of rounds announced in Q2 2023 was surprisingly low. This was the case for the InsurTech market overall, but it was particularly pronounced in the UK market.In terms of money raised, the UK has accounted for over €1.662 million, which is 33% of overall funding in Europe over the same period.

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