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InsurTech: The State of Insurance Innovation (Global vs. Europe) is the market intelligence platform for Insurance & Banking technologies in Europe.

We deep dived into reports released recently on InsurTech investments last year (2022), and structured a comparison in 4 InsurTech charts.

There are 2 ways to measure it: — either in money raised: figures are down both at a Global and European levels ; — or in number of deals announced: it’s done at a Global level but up in Europe.


In terms of maturity of deals announced, it’s worth highlighting that early-stage deals were specifically hot last year both at a Global and European levels. This means there is a nice pool of InsurTech startups to feed the insurance innovation in the coming years.

3)Business Lines

If we often hear that “InsurTech is only about P&C” figures show a different reality. And actually, no business line is immune to insurance innovation.


Finally, InsurTech is happening everywhere: at a Global level, major scenes are active. And in Europe only, there is a lot happening beyond the top 3 startups ecosystems (France, Germany and the UK) !

We find it interesting to see such a diversity in the InsurTech industry. And most of all, there is still a lot to expect in insurance innovation, as the growth / late-stage startups of the next 3–5 years are the seed startups of today!

📊 LIVE data on the European InsurTech scene:

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