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InsurTech weekly - Direct or Embedded, the dynamic behind revamping insurance distribution

Best practices for corporates to deliver Embedd Insurance - Are smart rings the future of DigitalHealth -The M&A outlook

Best practices for corporates to deliver Embedd Insurance

In this rapidly expanding global market, companies are trying to find the right approach to provide a holistic value proposition including insurance offerings to their customers while making the right strategic choices in the selection of their insurance partners. However, a purely opportunistic approach will limit the Embedded Insurance potential from the start. Only with the right strategy, differentiation from competitors and alignment with the company’s brand and value proposition, corporates will be able to unfold the full potential of an insurance offering.

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Are smart rings the future of DigitalHealth?

In a wide-ranging interview, Hon Pak, head of the digital health team at Samsung Electronics, discussed the company’s first foray into the product category of rings, considerations for a subscription model for the Samsung Health app and his vision for an artificial intelligence “coach.”

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The M&A outlook: trends & expectations

Toughened by these swings and successive macroeconomic, geopolitical, and regulatory challenges, many dealmakers are approaching the year ahead not with trepidation, but with a healthy dose of optimism. Yes, they just weathered an exceedingly difficult year for dealmaking. And yes, few can remember a time that was more challenging for M&A.

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