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InsurTech weekly - How AI can harness the potential of unstructured data in insurance

A roadmap to embrace AI in insurance‍ - Challenges still to tackle in FinTech BaaS - Self-driving cars are still moving forward‍

A roadmap to embrace AI in insurance

The insurance landscape is on the brink of a transformational shift, driven by the convergence of data and artificial intelligence (AI). In a world where information is at the core of accurate pricing, and a business where innovation reigns supreme, leaders must embrace technological advancements to thrive in the digital era. In this Viewpoint, we embark on a journey through the promising future of insurance, exploring how AI technology revolutionizes the use of data in every aspect of this age-old sector.

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Challenges still to tackle in FinTech BaaS

For the last few years, banking-as-a-service (BaaS) has been one of the more interesting, drama-laden corners of fintech (BTW, that Jaws-esque music you hear in the background right now is Jason Mikula’s theme song). (...) BaaS is, at the end of the day, a market, and as such, it is best understood through the lens of supply and demand. Despite the current regulatory headwinds in BaaS, I think there are a couple of fundamental reasons why we should expect the supply of BaaS providers to remain relatively strong for the foreseeable future:

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Self-driving cars are still moving forward

Waymo is now allowed to operate its self-driving robotaxis on highways in parts of Los Angeles and in the Bay Area following a California regulator’s approval of its expansion plans on Friday. This means the company’s cars will now be allowed to drive at up to 65mph on local roads and highways in approved areas. In a statement to The Washington Post, Waymo spokesperson Julia Ilina said the company’s expansion will be “careful and incremental,” and that it has “no immediate plans” to extend service to highways.

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