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InsurTech weekly - My predictions for this year, AI-free !

Generative AI in insurance finance functions - How tech might revamp Financial Services - The state & future of AI

Generative AI in insurance finance functions

The insurance industry has long relied on automation to enhance operational efficiency and accuracy, from underwriting to claims processing and customer service. Generative AI, powered by machine learning and data analytics, promises an entirely new level of technological enablement.

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How tech might revamp Financial Services

After twenty years of monitoring and analyzing innovation in financial services, almost 14 of which are punctuated by an (almost) daily post on the blog “ It’s not my idea!” », I have decided to publish for the first time an overview of the important trends, in my opinion, for the months and years to come. Certainly, I am not the only one to venture into this type of exercise, for which the start of the year is propitious. However, I am launching with a few original ideas which, I believe, should distinguish the vision that I share here from those that you usually consult:

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The state & future of AI

Just as the internet sparked a knowledge revolution and mobile created the on-demand economy, we believe AI is the next technology super cycle that has potential to meaningfully improve our world. Unlike anything we have seen before, AI adoption is already moving faster and beginning to transform our world, from data centers to consumer apps. Over 300K+ models have been shared on Hugging Face, 50%+ of trending GitHub repositories have been about AI, and well over 8,000 AI apps have already been created. If 2022 was the year of the AI explosion, 2023 has been the year in which the AI wave has begun to take shape and gain momentum, impacting the venture ecosystem, our modern tech stack, and the broader economy.

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