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InsurTech weekly - Opening a new chapter in insurance innovation ?

What technologies will transform insurance? - Apple is opening its... banking data ! - Five trends structuring SaaS PE investments

What technologies will transform insurance?

What innovations will transform insurance in 2024? Our (MunichRE) Tech Trend Radar 2024 guides you through the innovations that really matter. Experts from Munich Re and ERGO joined forces to collect and assess the most relevant insurance technology trends for 2024. Made by insurers for insurers, the Tech Trend Radar 2024 aims to sharpen awareness, provoke discussion and initiate new business opportunities that appeal to all insurance clients.

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Apple is opening its... banking data !

Apple is firmly making its mark in the finance world, introducing a new feature in the latest iPhone operating system update that caters to the contemporary demands for data openness, all while maintaining its hallmark approach of radical simplification.

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Five trends structuring SaaS PE investments

In the past five years of software investing, a volatile macroenvironment has created an unprecedented series of ebbs and flows. A period of breakneck intensity and investment was followed by a few challenging years. Now, investors are reflecting on the past and developing a more nuanced—and ultimately optimistic—view of software investment. In today’s environment, a significant volume of dry powder is still available, chief information officers (CIOs) have reopened spending, and rebalanced valuations have led investors to reengage on potential transactions.

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