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Major trends structuring the future of insurance innovation - How Financial Services already benefit from AI - How innovative companies outp

Major trends structuring the future of insurance innovation

In response to uncertain macroeconomics and increasing insurability concerns, forward-looking organizations across the insurance industry are engaged in business and operating model restructuring. Looking ahead, we anticipate carriers will focus on initiatives that enhance underwriting profitability, promote sustainability and inclusivity, and leverage generative AI to fuel operational excellence.

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How Financial Services already benefit from AI

The financial services industry is undergoing a significant transformation with the adoption of AI technologies. NVIDIA’s fourth annual State of AI in Financial Services Report provides insights into the current landscape and emerging trends for 2024. The report reveals that an overwhelming 91% of financial services companies are either assessing AI or already using it in production. These firms are using AI to drive innovation, improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experiences.

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How innovative companies outperform

Leading companies are increasingly deploying sophisticated technologies in pursuit of innovations that will help them secure future growth. However, McKinsey's latest Global Survey on digital strategy and investment finds that for those investments to bring enterprise-wide benefits, compa

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