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InsurTech weekly - The climate game-changer in insurance

Opportunities at the crossroads of InsurTech & ClimateTech - Is there still room for B2C FinTech - The state of Quantum Computing

Opportunities at the crossroads of InsurTech & ClimateTech

Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent. As a result, insured losses are growing at a rate of 5-6% annually, which are flowing through into home-premium hikes in the mid double digits. (...) Adapting consumer homes could be a critical solution to address 1) better consumer access with lower premiums, 2) improved insurer profitability, and 3) lower reliance on governmental funding for high-frequency low-loss events. One study found that basic flood resilience improvements could result in >50% reduction in hazard risk premiums.

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Is there still room for B2C FinTech ?

The consumer Fintech space is crowded. There's a Neobank in every primary color. BNPL, trading apps, and now savings apps exist for every audience. There's a Neobank for doctors, movie production studios, and even sports teams. New propositions get ever more niche, suggesting innovation is tapped out. I don't think it is. Mainstream consumer Fintech is reaching maturity. It has to diversify to grow, and most user growth is behind it. Just about every good idea and 1000s of bad ones got funded in the 2021 cycle. But here's the twist.

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The state of Quantum Computing

The quantum computing field is advancing rapidly with important breakthroughs in quantum hardware and software rendering it an increasingly strategic asset for organizational infrastructures who consider investing in it. The report offers insights on how quantum-focused firms can bridge the existing divide between the pace and direction of quantum technological development, and the immediate requirements from cust

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