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 The state of InsurTech unicorns - A look at Digital Health upgrades on the Apple Watch - Challenges with the new level of scalability ...

The state of InsurTech unicorns

Are unicorns destined to return to the realm of imagination, this time for good? It’s true that this term is strongly linked to the post-Covid era, a time when the tech world plunged into a blissful yet potentially dangerous euphoria. During that period, mega-deals were almost a daily occurrence, leading to the rise of young companies whose valuations often did not align with reality.

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A look at Digital Health upgrades on the Apple Watch

This year is the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Apple Watch, and rumors abound that we will see a major redesign of Apple's wearable this fall, with a new suite of health features that may include blood pressure monitoring and sleep apnea detection. This summer's update doesn't include that stuff, but it does include the new Vitals app, as well as a comprehensive algorithm called Training Load. These features, combined with new partnerships with the real-time glucose monitor Dexcom, make the watch a more comprehensive health monitoring device.

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Challenges with the new level of scalability Generative AI has unlocked

Generative AI means things that were always possible at a small scale now become practical to automate at a massive scale. Sometimes a change in scale is a change in principle. (...) Generative AI is now creating a lot of new examples of scale itself as a difference in principle.

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