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InsurTech weekly - Yes, startups have successfully revamped Financial Services!

The state of Cyber insurance - FinTech models that did revamped Financial Services - Is this the AI gadget we've been waiting for?

The state of Cyber insurance

Cyber risk continues to increase, driven by rapid technological advances such as (generative) artificial intelligence or cloud technology. Global industries are increasingly dependent on IT, IoT (Internet of Things), OT (Operational Technology) and digital services, such as cloud computing, each of which represent a critical part of the supply chain for many risk owners. Furthermore, the advancing sophistication of cyber criminals and the tense geopolitical situation shape the cyber threat landscape and pose a threat to global societies and democracies.

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FinTech models that did revamped Financial Services

I (Simon Taylor) asked Twitter what they thought the biggest innovation in Fintech had been. It spurred some brilliant suggestions, surprises, and moments of “OMG, yeah, of course.” It made me realize how much we take for granted. By the time Fintech gets big, it will be priced into people’s thinking. It doesn’t seem that innovative anymore, but when you step back, not only has it changed the game, it’s just getting started. More than that, when you tilt your head, you start to spot the similarities in all of these trends.

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Is this the AI gadget we've been waiting for?

For the last several weeks, I’ve been playing with Meta’s AI assistant in its Ray-Ban smart glasses. It works by responding to the voice command “Hey Meta” and can answer a question or examine what you’re looking at. It’s far from perfect. But when it does work, it feels like a glimpse into the future.

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