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InsurTech weekly 441 - Will GAFAM ever succeed in insurance?

 The benefits of Embedded Insurance - Challenges Banking-as-a-Service still needs to tackle - What could we expect next in self-driving car

The benefits of Embedded Insurance

For centuries, the rules of the insurance business were set in stone. Insurers develop sophisticated products that protect customers from unfavorable events, and insurance agents help customers navigate the complexities of the market. In recent years, insurance agents have become more digital, and a growing share of insurance products are being sold online. This is forcing insurers to transform themselves by investing in digital technologies, becoming more customer-centric, and hiring fresh talent to meet the needs of an increasingly digital marketplace.

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Challenges Banking-as-a-Service still needs to tackle

Every company became a Fintech company, but not every partner bank was fully ready for the consequences. In the past week, Blueridge Bank received its second OCC enforcement in 18 months, and Choice Financial received a cease and desist from the FDIC. This could impact Fintech companies like Mercury and Current.

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What could we expect next in self-driving cars

In 2023, it almost felt as if the promise of robotaxis was soon to be fulfilled. Hailing a robotaxi had briefly become the new trendy thing to do in San Francisco, as simple and everyday as ordering a delivery via app. However, that dream crashed and burned in October, when a serious accident in downtown San Francisco involving a vehicle belonging to Cruise, one of the leading US robotaxi companies, ignited distrust, casting a long shadow over the technology’s future.

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