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InsurTech weekly 457 - "Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked"

Insurance needs surrounding AI adoption - FinTech adoption in vertical SaaS - The future of Responsible AI

Insurance needs surrounding AI adoption

“AI has certainly amplified and accelerated some of the challenges that we see around data management,” said Dana Simberkoff, chief risk, privacy and information security officer at AvePoint, which provides technology to help organizations manage, migrate and protect their data in the cloud and on premise.

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FinTech adoption in vertical SaaS

Businesses of all sizes rely heavily on software increasingly built for a specific vertical. Within verticals, businesses increasingly prefer the convenience of integrated, all-in-one suites over multiple disconnected vendors. These software suites have started embedding financial products to provide more value, monetize at a higher rate, and increase customer retention.

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The future of Responsible AI

As an extension of the Convergence theme, Consolidation refers to incumbents or even other early stage companies acquiring other Responsible AI companies to offer more comprehensive solutions, while Consciousness refers to the ongoing work by AI vendors (everyone from Anthropic to young startups) and “embedded AI” software vendors (think Microsoft Co-Pilot or Salesforce) to infuse Responsible AI layers in their AI offerings.>> Read more

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