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InsurTech weekly: AI in car insurance claim

Hi all,

Here is your weekly selection of the three most engaging InsurTech articles shared this week.

1️⃣ Computer vision in car insurance claim

The Chicago-based auto-claims technology powerhouse uses AI, insurer-driven rules and CCC’s vast ecosystem to deliver repair estimates in seconds, instead of days. It’s a technological feat considering there are thousands of vehicle makes and models on the road, and countless repair permutations.

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2️⃣ Six steps towards massive Electric Vehicle adoption

EV sales are booming, but the value chain is under pressure. The transition to eMobility depends on collaboration across the ecosystem. (…) The inflection point in electric vehicle (EV) adoption is just around the corner. But EV drivers will be going nowhere fast unless utilities make it possible for them to plug in rather than fill up. In the ecosystem of providers transitioning eMobility into the mainstream, utility companies play perhaps the most critical role of all.

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3️⃣ The FinTech opportunity in eCommerce

E-commerce has fundamentally changed how we sell and shop; but the fintech ecosystem supporting buyers and sellers online is still just getting started. Fintech innovators are tackling outstanding challenges in the space and promise to unlock new opportunities for growth in the sector.

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