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InsurTech weekly: AI is already revamping the insurance value chain

1️⃣ How AI could impact the insurance value chain

When it comes to the re/insurance industry, a recurring vision for the future is that AI will potentially enable more precise coverage and pricing adjustments. While this is an attractive long-term goal, let's discuss where AI is delivering benefits today and the opportunities for the insurance value chain in the near future.

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2️⃣ InsurTech opportunities to build the future of mobility insurance

Mobility market evolution poses challenges and opportunities for P&C insurers who need to make the move from insuring assets to protecting the entire mobility journey. This transformation can yield measurable operational benefits and unlock revenue growth for insurers. Findings from the World Property and Casualty Insurance Report 2023, which reflects the views of over 290 insurance executives and nearly 6,000 consumers.

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3️⃣ A digital roadmap for bancassurance

Banks are evolving by leaps and bounds, using digital channels to facilitate interactions and meet the demands of their customer base. In this context, the bancassurance model — which has been an example of success in past decades — must adapt to changing customer requirements and seek ways to continue growing. In this Viewpoint, we explore some options bancassurance businesses can initiate to help them thrive and capture the digital sales opportunity.

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📊 KPI on full-stack InsurTech startups in Europe

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