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InsurTech weekly - Are you AI ready for the back-to-school season?

1️⃣ The state of InsurTech worldwide

I crunched that 60-pages report for you and took away five key learnings on he state of InsurTech worldwide: 1/ The slowdown seems to be over ; 2/ Valuations at later stages are still challenged ; 3/ The activity across maturities is more balanced again ; 4/ The US tended to be more active than other geographies ; 5/ Corporate VC took advantage of the market.

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2️⃣ AI experts on threats surrounding chatGPT

What should we make of OpenAI’s GPT-4, anyway? Is the large language model a major step on the way to an artificial general intelligence (AGI)—the insider’s term for an AI system with a flexible human-level intellect? And if we do create an AGI, might it be so different from human intelligence that it doesn’t see the point of keeping Homo sapiens around?

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3️⃣ A FinTech perspective on generative AI

Speaking of AI, I (Simon Taylor) heard Sam Altman's fireside at Stripe Sessions and must say it was by far the best interview I've heard with Sam. It's a shame I can't find it online because his mainstream interviews always focus on AI-doomer takes, and the tech interviews are more utopian and flowery. The Sessions chat with John was as brass tacks and pragmatic as I've heard, yet it left me feeling optimistic. We can and will use Generative AI; it's a paradigm shift, and there's a ton of noise and relatively little signal. All at the same time.

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