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InsurTech weekly: Cyber insurance in a nutshell


The Cyber #InsurTech opportunity

The cyber insurance market reached a record size last year. Cyberattacks and the volume of compromised digital assets increased simultaneously. Ransomware and supply chain attacks dominated the cyber risk space over the past 12 months.

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Best practices for corporates to embrace #AI at scale

AI is revolutionising the way we live and work, and it’s becoming increasingly pressing for individuals and organisations to understand it’s potential impact. As AI solutions rapidly develop and new applications become available for industry, a strong structure and framework for its application is needed to de-risk AI adoption. The AIIA and KPMG have identified what organisations need to do to ensure AI is developed, used and procured in a way that meets future regulatory and ethical expectations.

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Generative AI in the #FinTech space

This ability to train LLMs on vast amounts of unstructured data, combined with essentially unlimited computational power, could yield the largest transformation the financial services market has seen in decades. Unlike other platform shifts—internet, mobile, cloud—where the financial services industry lagged in adoption, here we expect to see the best new companies and incumbents embrace generative AI, now.  

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How InsurTech startups’ teams are under pressure

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