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InsurTech weekly - Data insurers should get ready to share

your weekly selection of the three most engaging InsurTech articles shared this week

1️⃣ The state of Open Insurance

If you are interested in the Open Insurance initiative, you should have a look at our discussion with Anne-Sophie. We reviewed the FIDA document released recently by the European Commission. Beyond the time frame, we explored which insurance business lines are covered in the text and which data are supposed to be shared (under customer approval, obviously). We also mentioned a possible use-case and considered the tech aspect of such a move in the market: basically the need for insurers to embrace an API-first infrastructure.

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2️⃣ A survey on #InsurTech customer experience

Policyholders expect more online services than those currently provided by insurers. The new study “Digital Empowerment in Insurance” shows that digital services should not only support self-care, but should also complement the interaction with intermediaries and call centers. This study is based on surveys of 3,600 customers in four countries.

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3️⃣ The future of #FinTech

In this post, we (Headline) share our take on the future of fintech, rooted in a deep track record of investing in financial innovations. What will tomorrow’s funding and exit environment look like? How will generative AI and other technologies impact it? This analysis was compiled with input from our global fintech investing team, bringing together perspectives that span geographies and stages.

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📺 My latest interview on: our investment scope, the state of InsurTech Europe and where we still see room for insurance innovation.

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