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InsurTech weekly: Embedded Insurance done right

1️⃣ Key Success Factors in Embedded Insurance

"Embedded Insurance", partner distribution, or B2B2C distribution can be a highly effective way of distributing insurance. But it's not easy to get right. Read on for my list of 9 requirements for success in embedded insurance. The vast majority of insurance worldwide is still distributed through traditional channels – captive agents, independent agents, and banks (note 3) – but many insurers are exploring omnichannel approaches based on meeting customers where they are rather than driving customers to agent channels.

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2️⃣ How generative AI will impact jobs

Business leaders recognize the significance of this moment. They can see how LLMs and generative AI will fundamentally transform everything from business, to science, to society itself—unlocking new performance frontiers. The positive impact on human creativity and productivity will be massive. Consider that, across all industries, Accenture found 40% of all working hours can be impacted by LLMs like GPT-4.

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3️⃣ The state of Banking-as-a-Service in Europe

Banking-as-a-Service is one of the buzziest areas of fintech globally, but economic and regulatory pressures are bearing down on it. BaaS already looks and feels very different depending where you are geographically, and by the end of the year it’s going to see further significant changes that will leave the segment and the companies that comprise it looking very different to 2022.

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