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InsurTech weekly: Insurance Through Customers' Eyes

1️⃣ Customers’ views on insurers and insurance

Increased inflationary pressures, usage based insurance and preventative systems, trust in data privacy, and greater focus on sustainability. These are all areas for insurers to consider as they look to support their customers and build competitive advantage. Welcome to Guidewire's fourth annual survey of insurance customers in Europe. We're delighted to share with you this year's results and provide insight into how insurers might improve customer relationships, enhance products and services, and consider new and innovative offerings for their users.

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2️⃣ A balanced perspective on the state of Autonomous Cars

The spotlight of hype has lit up many areas since autonomous driving had its own time in the sun, but progress in the technology is chugging along. It’s clear that the dream of not having to drive ourselves around is not dead, given the rising tallies of miles driven by bots, greater commercialization and other headlines. There’s a lot of good news to be found. Today, Chinese technology giant Baidu revealed an interesting set of data points regarding Apollo Go, it’s “autonomous ride-hailing service”.

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3️⃣ What to expect next in FinTech ?

“It feels like the Fintech world is lost. Embedded finance will be big, real-time fraud and compliance are mission critical, and everyone is scrambling for better Fintech and Bank partnerships. But that's not the question. The question is, "What's the next category?" What's the next thing? Firstly. I think we're discounting the current thing too much.”

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📈 The state of the European startup scene vs. InsurTech only

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