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A US perspective on insurance innovation - Payment is embracing ‘Embedded Finance’ in Europe - ChatGPT’s latest upgrades

1️⃣ A US perspective on insurance innovation

As part of ITC Vegas which took place recently, Adrian Jones put together 44 very insightful pages. In that report, he analyzes where incumbents stand in terms of innovation, room still available to do better and how technology should help, and what InsurTech startups should consider when trying to revamp that industry. And overall, the insurance industry still needs innovation and technology!

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2️⃣ Payment is embracing ‘Embedded Finance’ in Europe

The evolution of SaaS embedded payments is the preeminent theme in merchant payments in North America and is also now increasingly in Europe. The U.S. market remains the clear bellwether of SaaS + payments disruption, but the U.K. and Europe are fast followers as the shift towards integrated payments gathers speed.

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3️⃣ ChatGPT’s latest upgrades (and there is a link with insurance!)

OpenAI announced more improvements to its large language models, GPT-4 and GPT-3.5, including updated knowledge bases and a much longer context window. The company says it will also follow Google and Microsoft’s lead and begin protecting customers against copyright lawsuits.

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